•  Individual business communities of a clearly defined multi-functional platform

The degree of own technical and interdisciplinary networking, the efficient exchange of information, as well as fast access to structured information are crucial for success today. LeVenues provides the technical infrastructure that brings together existing networks and creates new communities quickly and individually, as the first platform for business communities. With professionally tailored tools, the platform focuses exclusively on the areas finance and real estate services, taxes and audit and accounting. Thus, it allows users to communicate and to work in their business and in their professional language.

•  Venues as social business workplaces

In venues experts can join forces to theme-related social business workplaces to communicate and work with freely configurable tools and create their own content. With specified search queries, this information is available anytime, anywhere. The clever invitation process and access to the membership directory, simplifies the construction of individual social business workplaces. Here, the members decide whether or not the audience will have access to the content.

•  Interdisciplinary expert networking

As the first of the new generation platform, LeVenues offers the optimal conditions for an efficient, secure and interdisciplinary network of experts, companies, organizations and authorities, as well as educational institutions, publishing houses on a multi-functional platform.