LeVenues offers substantial functionalities for free:

  • User registration
  • Content creation (e.g.,discussions, documents, courses, events, publications, Q&A) and corresponding assignments of permissions to other users for managing content inside the public LeVenues Community (everyone has access).
  • All content can be classified by the user
  • All content in an open venue or in the LeVenues-Community and every profile is searchable without any limits
  • Unlimited creation and classification of profiles with their own microsites having an own URL
  • Various of functionalities that user can be interactive with other users (e.g. invitation and sharing process)
  • Access to our comprehensive directory of profiles
  • Display the own network by connecting profiles with other profiles (e.g. association with its members, a company with its employees, a publisher with its authors)
  • Following other users
  • A wide range of abilities to subscribe to venues, content and any changes of other profiles
  • Customized contact management system of the user and their profiles
  • Allowing claimable profiles to be claimed by another user
  • Import already existing profile on well-known social networks
  • Creating discussions (blogs) in the various Le-Discussion-Venues. These discussions can be fed to other platforms
  • Adding feeds to the public Experts- and Press-Journals on the landing page
  • Generate links to connect your own homepage with LeVenues (e.g. your own venue)