Lead Generation Services (available in May/June 2013)

ABC Engine® provides you an easy and low cost access to the full alphabet of your potential B2B clients.

Think about your best clients. Now think about multiplying those clients in 89 countries and many more very soon.

Based on a number of your best customers or targets we are capable of finding the companies which are the most likely to buy your products or solutions. But also your best potential suppliers.

We use proprietary robust predictive modeling softwares and methodologies to find the best and most secure leads amongst the Business universe. This performance is possible thanks to our large knowledge and experience of the B2B world through more than 15.000 features per company collected and structured with our unique and scientific Data Text Mining techniques.

The generated commercial leads are ranked in accordance with their propensity to buy your products/services and the risks levels they represent for you.

The ABC Engine enables the generation of commercial leads which can also be segmented on the basis of the criteria of your choice e.g. country, activity sector, company type or size.

Our credentials prove success ratios of above 20%. Our price per lead starts at 20 EUR.

We are willing to prove that your customer database contains readily available information with which you can boost your Business, increase your profit, organize more efficient marketing campaigns and assess the market potential in countries where you are not yet/enough present.


 Join the Vadis-Venue here and get free leads and assessments in the total amount of EUR 1'650:

- 10 free assessments only for members of LeVenues (total value of EUR 1'500)

- 10 free leads (total value of EUR 150)