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“LEVENUES” refers to the service provided subject to these General Terms and Conditions and/or LEVENUES AG. The protection of your user data and your personal data is of utmost concern to LEVENUES. In these terms and conditions on data protection LEVENUES would like to inform you about how LEVENUES treats your user data and your personal data and how you can exchange this data with other users of LEVENUES. These terms and conditions supplement the General Terms and Conditions for using LEVENUES.

1. Basic Principles of LEVENUES for handling your User data and Personal Data

LEVENUES strictly adheres to the following basic principles in the protection of your Personal Data:

LEVENUES shall collect, process and use your User and Personal Data in accordance with the laws and statutes on data protection of Switzerland.

LEVENUES shall use your User Data and Personal Data solely to provide you the LEVENUES Services on the Internet for which you have registered. LEVENUES will never pass your User Data and Personal Data on to any third party, neither for advertising, nor for marketing or for any other purposes without your consent.

With the exception of some general mandatory information you alone decide which of the User Data and Personal Data you have made available to LEVENUES may be displayed by LEVENUES to other members of LEVENUES (cf. Section 3 of these Terms and Conditions on Data Protection).


2. Definitions


The following terms used in these Terms and Conditions on Data Protection shall have the following meanings:

"User Related Data" shall mean all data and/or information about your profession or your person which enables you to create an user account on the LEVENUES plattforms.

"Profile Related Data" or "Voluntary Data" shall mean all data and/or information about your profession or your person, as well as data and/or information about your organization (e.g. Company, Authority, Associations), which enables you to create profiles and/or Content.

"Customer Data" is all the data, including all text, sound, software or image files that you provide, or are provided on your behalf, to us through your use of the LEVENUES Services.

"LEVENUES Websites" shall mean all websites on which LEVENUES provides the LEVENUES Services.

"LEVENUES Members" shall mean all registered users of LEVENUES on the LEVENUES websites.

"LEVENUES Services" shall mean all registration based services provided by LEVENUES on the LEVENUES websites.

"Registration Data" shall mean the User Related Data and Profile Related Data you are obliged to make available to LEVENUES in the registration process (e.g. creating a profile) for the LEVENUES Services (mandatory fields).

"Profile" shall mean the site of the LEVENUES website where the Profile Related Data you have made available to LEVENUES is displayed in accordance with your specifications and your consent.

"Profiles" are business cards (Micro sites with own URL-identification), which allows the expert and/or the organisation to display services, skills (etc.). LEVENUES offers different profile types, e.g. Person, Company, Publisher, Educator, Authority and Associations (such as unions, networks).

"Venues" are business communities based on a technical solution of intranets. Users can communicate in various ways and create content and structures by using the infrastructure of venues. This can be realised by using a manifold line-up of communication tools (e.g. discussions, documents, questions and answers, polls). According to the type of venue (open, closed or secret) the visibility of users contents to the public varies.

3. What does LEVENUES know about you, what do you give LEVENUES and LEVENUES members permission to do, and what happens with your User Related Data and your Profile Related Data?

3.1 User

a) General information about the user

In order for the LEVENUES services to function, LEVENUES needs to collect and process certain elements of your User Related Data in the course of the registration process. First of all, this consists of the following data:
- Username
- Password
- Valid email address

Your password is never visible to any LEVENUES member at any time. LEVENUES shall never disclose or pass your password on to any third party.

The email address will not be made public. All emails of the LEVENUES-Website will be sent to this address. The email address will be used only in case of a new password request, communication from LEVENUES to you or if you like to receive certain informations or notifications via email. Contact emails from other users to your user account will also be sent to this address without disclosing it to other parties, but if you reply to these emails your address will be revealed. If you wish for your email to remain secret at any contact through other users please ensure you do not have auto-response / out-of-office software running at this address or disable email contact below in the Contact Settings section during the appropriate times.

The following of your user statistics are visible to all LEVENUES Members at all times:
- Your Followers and whom do you follow (Following)
- Activity stream
- Which venues (open and closed) you are a member of.
- Your content you made accessible to the public
- Your profiles, resp. which profiles you own
- Since when you are a member of LEVENUES On your Profile you will find a so-called activity stream.

This stream indicates whether you use the LEVENUES services regularly. The activity meter is intended as an indication for other LEVENUES members to determine how often you use the LEVENUES services so that the other LEVENUES members can evaluate whether you will presumably react quickly to a request via the LEVENUES services.

b) Contact Settings The possibility to be contacted in any way by users throughout the LEVENUES-plattform can be disabled (users settings) at any time. Getting in contact is standardized and activated, so the other users can contact you in many ways. This presettings can be changed (user settings/contact settings) at any time.

c) Subscription Settings It is up to you to select the quantum of information you receive about content or profiles created/changed. In the user settings of your cockpit you find the settings "Immediate Notifications Settings" where you can choose generally the method of contact (email or cockpit/web), send interval and volume of the notifications. Additionally, every user-venue, profile or content enables you to set method and interval of the notification individually (go to Actions/Subscribtion Settings). In your user cockpit you also find an overview of your subscriptions where you can make changes individually. Individual made settings override the general settings.

The general subscribtions is according following standard settings:
- Send interval: Immediately
- Send method: Mail
- Volume: any content of venues you are member of

d) Activity Digest Settings In your cockpit (Actions/User Settings) you find the Activity Digest Settings where you can select the interval for receiving a summary of your activities. The default setting is "weekly".

3.2 Profiles

If you wish, you may provide additional information in profiles (business cards) about yourself apart from the mandatory data on a voluntary basis (hereinafter referred to as "Voluntary Data" or "Profile Related Data"), to allow other LEVENUES members to get to know you better and possibly encourage them to choose you as an appropriate business contact. At the moment, you are able to choose from the following Voluntary Data, for example: your education, your practice areas, your position in company. You may also upload a photograph of yourself or documents (e.g. CV or a brochure), if you wish. Additionally you can display your classifications and your awards. Furthermore you can indicate e.g. the organisation you work for (e.g. Company, Authority, Publisher), whereby you can hold and manage additional profiles.

The Voluntary Data you choose to provide to LEVENUES is accessible to all other LEVENUES members. You can revoke Voluntary Data at any time by deleting the data in question from your profile.

Email-addresses which you have to provide by creating each profile will not be shown to the public or to users. Getting in contact with your profile will occur by using your indicated email-address by pressing the contact button in the action section of the profiles microsite without disclosing the email address to other parties, but if you reply to these emails your address will be revealed. If you wish for your email to remain secret at any contact through other users please ensure you do not have auto-response / out-of-office software running at this address or disable email contact below in the Contact Settings section during the appropriate times. You can disable any contact with your profile in Edit Profile/Contact Settings at any time.

The following of your profiles statistics are visible to all LEVENUES Members at all times: Connections of the profile(s) created, which you - as an user - have accepted after receiving a request for connection from an other user
- Month and year of creation of profile
- Owner of the profile

Data which your created profiles is containing is visible for everyone - which means also for the non-registered user - and this data is ascertainable for search engines.

3.3 Billing details

a) Billing address

You can input your billing address in the user settings. The billing address will be indicated in the process of purchasing chargable LEVENUES Services, whereupon you can change the billing address to the respective addressee. These information will not be made public.

b) Credit Card Companies

If you use any of LEVENUES's paid services, LEVENUES will collect and use your billing details such as your credit card or bank details for billing and payment purposes. To the extent required, your billing details are sent to, collected and processed by service providers such as credit card companies in order to process payments. Your billing details are saved in order to process payments for automatic user account extensions. LEVENUES will not save credit card or bank details. These details will be saved directly with the credit card company.

LEVENUES may share Contact Data with third parties for purposes of fraud prevention or to process payment transactions, as further described in this statement.

3.4 Customer Data

LEVENUES makes no claim of ownership in your Customer Data.  Except as provided in this privacy statement or described in your agreements, LEVENUES only uses Customer Data to provide and enhance the LEVENUES Services. LEVENUES does not share your Customer Data with any third party except in the very limited circumstances as described as following.
LEVENUES will not disclose Customer Data outside of LeVenue or its controlled subsidiaries and affiliates except as you direct, or as described in the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) or this privacy statement.
LEVENUES does not share any of your information with advertisers.
LEVENUES occasionally contracts with other companies to provide services (such as customer support, data management, and technical infrastructure services) on LEVENUES' behalf.  LEVENUES may provide these companies with access to your information where necessary for their engagement. These companies are required to maintain the confidentiality of your information and are prohibited from using it for any purpose other than that for which they are engaged by LEVENUES.
LEVENUES will not disclose your information to a third party (including law enforcement, other government entity, or civil litigant) except as you direct or unless required by law.  Should a third party contact LEVENUES with a request for your information, LEVENUES will attempt to redirect the third party to request the data directly from you.  As part of that process, LEVENUES may provide your basic contact information to the third party.  If legally compelled to disclose your information to a third party, LEVENUES will use commercially reasonable efforts to notify you in advance of a disclosure unless legally prohibited.

4. Venues


On the LEVENUES websites, LEVENUES offers the possibility to create business communities - so called venues.

Each venue has one (1) or more administrator(s) (admin). The administator decides for each venue whether the venue is public or whether it is only accessible to a specific circle of people, as well as who has read and/or write access for each relevant venue.

Please note: where a venue is specified as "public" or "open" on the LEVENUES website, all contributions of LEVENUES members can be read by all other members of LEVENUES and are also accessible to non-members of LEVENUES on the Internet without any restrictions.

Where a venue is specified as "closed" or "secret" on the LEVENUES website, all contributions of members of these venues can be read only by all other members of the same venue. User outside these venues only have access to your content inside these venue in case you individually give permission to the single content.

The administrator is able to determine whether the members of the venue are shown to the open public, only for the other members of the concerning venue or generally to no one.

5. Ratings

You have the possiblibty to rate person profiles on LEVENUES.

In order for a valid rating to be made, you must register at LEVENUES or receive an invitation to rate from profile.
You are required to supply the email address of the profile you are rating before your rating will be accepted. This ensures that this profile is owned by the correct person you expect, rather than an imposter or person with the same name.
Your rating will be notified to the expert by simple indication of your name, and link to your user account or if you are not a registered user by indication of your verified email address. The expert will NOT be informed of the contents and result of your rating, unless you choose to disclose this.
You can determine if you want to show the results of the questionnaire to the expert.
Case identification and additional comments will always be shown to the expert (so he can verify the case).
The results of the questionnaire only will be published if you give the permission to do so and the expert you rated confirmed the publication too.
If you do not wish to show the results of the questionnaire to the expert but you give permission to publish your case, it is possible that expert chooses to show your case identification, the topic of the case and additional comments to the public.
You are also able to give permission to publish the results of your questionnaire anonymously.
The rating will be added into the consolidated rating. An individual rating will only be visible if you explicitly give permission.
We guarantee that we will make your address / contact details accessible only to the expert you rate (for verification matters) and treat your ratings completely discreetly if you do not allow otherwise.

6. Invitations

As a user you may contact other users or external persons and/or institutions who/which are not yet user of the plattform and invite them to join LEVENUES, to become a member of a venue, to participate events/course or to share content or profiles. In order to do that, everyone can use the open profile dictionnary in accordance with country-specific statutory provisions.

Please note that the following sections of your Personal Data are displayed to the recipient of the invitation: - Your user name and/or profile name - Your email address

7. Search Functions

The LEVENUES services offer various possibilities to search for particular LEVENUES members and their contents (incl. venues/profiles), including a classification search. These various search functions may assist you, for example, in finding other LEVENUES members with similar interests and their contents, profiles and venues. The search functions can also help you to initiate contact with other LEVENUES members who offer exactly what you are looking for. Thus, you can find the contacts (incl. content/profiles/venues) you need - and systematically expand your personal network.

8. Periodical status emails

LEVENUES sends periodically status notifications (hereinafter referred to as "Status Notifications" to all members of the LEVENEUS-plattform. In these Status Notifications LEVENUES informes you about new features from LEVENUES and other important new about LEVENUES.

9. Cookies

To ensure certain functionality the service has to insert and set “cookies” for technical reasons. A „cookie“ contains information a web-site sends to your web-browser to save your personal settings while using the web-site.

Cookies are small files that enable us to store specific information related to you, the user, on your PC or other end device while using the LEVENUES services. Cookies help to analyze usage frequency, the number of people who use our website, user behavior on our website, advertising effectiveness, and to increased security and tailor our service offering to your needs.

You can edit the settings of your browser to prevent cookies from being stored, to limit the storage of cookies to certain websites, or such that your browser informs you every time a cookie is sent. You can also delete cookies from your PC’s hard drive at any time. However, please note that you will not be able to take advantage of the LEVENUES services if session cookies are deactivated.

10. Log Files

Each time you access a website from the LEVENUES Websites, LEVENEUS will save the following data in a log file (the so called "server log"): The time, status, and amount of the transferred data, as well as the website from which you have reached the requested page of the LEVENUES Websites (the so-called "referrer").The product and release information from your Internet browser (the so called "user agent").

By using the log file, LEVENUES can identify defects on the LEVENUES Websites, such as defective hyperlinks or program defects, and thus continually improve the quality of the LEVENUES Websites. LEVENUES does not attribute the website demands stored in the log file to specific individual users. However, LEVENUES reserves the right to review the log files if LEVENUES has reasonable cause to believe that the member is using LEVENUES Services and/or LEVENUES Websites in breach of contractual agreements or the applicable legislation. In doing this, LEVENUES is protecting other LEVENUES Members, the safety of LEVENUES Members’ data, as well as LEVENUES Websites and the LEVENUES Services.

11. Minors

Membership of LEVENUES services is reserved for persons who have reached the legal age of 18. Parents and legal guardians are responsible for the protection of their children's privacy.

12. Accessibility of these Terms and Conditions on Data Protection

These Terms and Conditions on Data Protection are accessible from any website of the LEVENUES websites under the link "Privacy Policy".


Date: March 2014