If you would like to have the option to place another profile or even an entire database of profiles on LeVenues, you can enter a +Profile subscription.

This allows you to access many new features:
Manage multiple profiles from one account - for example:
Company/Authority manages the profiles of the employees' profiles.
Association manages profiles of members.
Educator uploads the profiles of the lecturers on the platform.
Publisher uploads the profiles of the authors on the platform.
Simpler and faster management of several business cards (profiles) by a single user.
Multiple entry points of contacts:
User is able to show several business cards by different profiles which are searchable by the public. These profiles can be invited to venues, courses, events or can be simply contacted by other users.
Different starting points for a communication with other users.
The charge for ability to create/maintain multiple profiles is an annual  fee of EUR 190.-
Prices plus VAT - contract period and invoicing 1 year respectively - cancelable at every time to the end of contract period