Rating Package


Test the Quality Management Tool without limitation  (as described below) and with the chance to cancel it at any time during the 3 month testing phase.

Use the rating package (in the hidden modus) to measure your quality of work internally or show it to the public market place as a quality seal of your expertise.

Invite your colleagues or clients to rate finished cases and display them in your case library. Make your own portfolio of cases.

You decide what to show.

The rating-package gives you access to the following features:

  • Use your rating as a quality seal and show it to the public.
  • Get access to your case library where you can see details of the ratings received.
  • Manage your ratings and display only the cases you want to the public.
  • Request rating: Invite your clients and let your successful cases be rated.


The charge for the rating-package is an annual fee of EUR 140.-

Prices plus VAT - contract period and invoicing 1 year respective - cancelable at every time to the end of the contract period.


With this Special Offer you can test the tools of the Rating-Package without limitation and with the possibility to cancel the contract (email to info@levenues.com) at any time during the 3 month testing phase without being charged.

You will receive the invoice for the standard charge after expiration of the 3 month testing phase without your cancellation.