Bankruptcy & Credit Risk Scoring (available in May/June 2013)

Welcome to VADRISK

In the Risk profile analysis, you have the possibility to:

  • Search for any company present in the VadRisk database
  • Display scores, scores history and background and explanations about the scores
  • Change the financial variables for a company and see how it impacts the scores
  • Simulate a new score from any fresh balance sheet
  • and many more

Vadis is one of the rare companies in the Business Intelligence sector that is able to combine analytical, technical and business capabilities. The accuracy and robustness of our predictive indicators are the result of the perfect merge between the best data mining/predictive modelling skills and financial analysis experience.
This approach has proven its worth time and again both in the real world and also at the various KDD Cups (Knowledge Discovery in Databases), the world’s leading data mining and knowledge discovery competition.



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